MDS Competition Exam Schedule 2014
AIPGDEE MDS 2015 July Batch 2 , Current Week Exam : (20-Dec-14) AIPGDEE Grand Test–24, (21-Dec-14) P.S.M and Community Dentistry – II
AIPGDEE MDS 2015 Feb Batch 1 , Current Week Exam : (20-Dec-14) AIPGDEE Grand Test–27 , (21-Dec-14) Periodontology– III Exam all seven days, Best in MDS Preparation, Our 1147 candidates got rank in AIPGDEE !!! Congratulations to the rank holders.

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Exam Schedule

2015 AIPGDEE MDS Competition Test Schedule Batch 2

Course Fees       :   Rs.2500/-

Course Duration :  20 July 2014 - March. 2015

S No Date Week Exam 
1 20-Jul-14 Sunday Anatomy– I
2 23-Jul-14 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–1
3 26-Jul-14 Saturday Physiology – I
4 27-Jul-14 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–2
5 30-Jul-14 Wednesday Biochemistry– I
6 2-Aug-14 Saturday AIPGDEE Grand Test–3
7 3-Aug-14 Sunday Dental Anatomy/Dental Histology– I
8 6-Aug-14 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–4
9 9-Aug-14 Saturday Pharmaclogy– I
10 10-Aug-14 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–5
11 13-Aug-14 Wednesday Pathology– I
12 16-Aug-14 Saturday AIPGDEE Grand Test–6
13 17-Aug-14 Sunday Micrbiology– I
14 20-Aug-14 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–7
15 23-Aug-14 Saturday Dental materials– I
16 24-Aug-14 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–8
17 27-Aug-14 Wednesday Oral Pathology– I
18 30-Aug-14 Saturday AIIMS Grand Paper –1
19 31-Aug-14 Sunday Oral Radiology – I
20 3-Sep-14 Wednesday AIIMS Grand Paper–2
21 6-Sep-14 Saturday Oral Surgery– I
22 7-Sep-14 Sunday AIIMS Grand Paper–3
23 10-Sep-14 Wednesday Periodontology– I
24 13-Sep-14 Saturday AIIMS Grand Paper–4
25 14-Sep-14 Sunday P.S.M & Community Dentistry– I
26 17-Sep-14 Wednesday AIIMS Grand Paper–5
27 20-Sep-14 Saturday Prosthodontics– I
28 21-Sep-14 Sunday PGI Grand Test– 1
29 24-Sep-14 Wednesday General Medicine– I
30 27-Sep-14 Saturday PGI Grand Test–2
31 28-Sep-14 Sunday General Surgery– I
32 1-Oct-14 Wednesday PGI Grand Test–3
33 4-Oct-14 Saturday Pedodontics– I
34 5-Oct-14 Sunday PGI Grand Test–4
35 8-Oct-14 Wednesday Orthodontics– I
36 11-Oct-14 Saturday AIPGDEE Grand Test–9
37 12-Oct-14 Sunday Conservative Dentistry / Endodontics– I
38 15-Oct-14 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test– 10
39 18-Oct-14 Saturday Pedodontics/Orthodontics– I
40 19-Oct-14 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–11
41 22-Oct-14 Wednesday Anatomy/Physiology– I
42 25-Oct-14 Saturday AIPGDEE Grand Test–12
43 26-Oct-14 Sunday Biochemistry/Pharmacology– I
44 29-Oct-14 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–13
45 1-Nov-14 Saturday Microbiology/Pathology– I
46 2-Nov-14 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–14
47 5-Nov-14 Wednesday Dental Anatomy/Dental Histology - II
48 8-Nov-14 Saturday AIPGDEE Grand Test–15
49 9-Nov-14 Sunday Oral Radiology & Oral Pathology– I
50 12-Nov-14 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–16
51 15-Nov-14 Saturday Dental materials/Prosthodontics– I
52 16-Nov-14 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–17
53 19-Nov-14 Wednesday General Medicine/ General Surgery– I
54 22-Nov-14 Saturday AIPGDEE Grand Test–18
55 23-Nov-14 Sunday Pedodontics/Orthodontics
/Dental materials/Prosthodontics -I 
56 26-Nov-14 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–19
57 29-Nov-14 Saturday General Medicine/ General Surgery
/Oral Radiology &
Oral Patholog - I 
58 30-Nov-14 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–20
59 3-Dec-14 Wednesday Periodontology– II
60 6-Dec-14 Saturday AIPGDEE Grand Test–21
61 7-Dec-14 Sunday Oral Surgery– II
62 10-Dec-14 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–22
63 13-Dec-14 Saturday Biochemistry/Pharmacology
/Microbiology/Pathology - I 
64 14-Dec-14 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–23
65 17-Dec-14 Wednesday Anatomy/Physiology - II 
66 20-Dec-14 Saturday AIPGDEE Grand Test–24
67 21-Dec-14 Sunday P.S.M & Community Dentistry– II
68 24-Dec-14 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–25
69 27-Dec-14 Saturday Oral Radiology & Oral Pathology– II
70 28-Dec-14 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–26
71 31-Dec-14 Wednesday Dental materials/Prosthodontics– II
72 3-Jan-15 Saturday AIIMS Grand Paper –6
73 4-Jan-15 Sunday Dental Anatomy/Dental Histology– III
74 7-Jan-15 Wednesday AIIMS Grand Paper –7
75 10-Jan-15 Saturday Pathology– II
76 11-Jan-15 Sunday AIIMS Grand Paper –8
77 14-Jan-15 Wednesday Micrbiology– II
78 17-Jan-15 Saturday AIIMS Grand Paper –9
79 18-Jan-15 Sunday Dental materials– II
80 21-Jan-15 Wednesday AIIMS Grand Paper –10
81 24-Jan-15 Saturday Oral Pathology– II
82 25-Jan-15 Sunday AIIMS Grand Paper –11
83 28-Jan-15 Wednesday Oral Radiology – II
84 31-Jan-15 Saturday AIIMS Grand Paper–12
85 1-Feb-15 Sunday Oral Surgery– III
86 4-Feb-15 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–27
87 7-Feb-15 Saturday Periodontology– III
88 8-Feb-15 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–28
89 11-Feb-15 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–29
90 14-Feb-15 Saturday Prosthodontics– II
91 15-Feb-15 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–30
92 18-Feb-15 Wednesday Pedodontics/Orthodontics
/Dental materials/Prosthodontics -II
93 21-Feb-15 Saturday AIPGDEE Grand Test–31
94 22-Feb-15 Sunday Biochemistry/Pharmacology/Microbiology/Pathology - II
95 25-Feb-15 Wednesday AIPGDEE Grand Test–32
96 28-Feb-15 Saturday General Medicine/ General Surgery/
Oral Radiology / Oral Patholog - II
97 1-Mar-15 Sunday AIPGDEE Grand Test–33
98 4-Mar-15 Wednesday COMEDK Grand Test–1
99 7-Mar-15 Saturday COMEDK Grand Test–2
100 8-Mar-15 Sunday COMEDK Grand Test–3
101 11-Mar-15 Wednesday COMEDK Grand Test–4
102 14-Mar-15 Saturday COMEDK Grand Test–5
103 15-Mar-15 Sunday COMEDK Grand Test–6
104 18-Mar-15 Wednesday COMEDK Grand Test–7
105 21-Mar-15 Saturday COMEDK Grand Test–8